About Us


Biglearnes.com is owned and operated by Biglearners LLC, a company registered and operated from California, USA. The sole focus of the company is to create tools to optimize your learning experience. We intend to turn our students into smart human beings by providing smartly designed resources. Hence, we have designed a grade appropriate curriculum that focuses on doing the work the right way without being too repetitive. Our goal is to help our students relate their skills to real world situations. We are also working on testing and many other projects too. Please let us know if you have suggestions to help us improve.


We are a team of teachers, software engineers, and students who have been working on the project since 2012. When we started, we explored the existing tools, technology, and options that are available to our students, teachers, and parents today. So we planned to provide educational tools that helps you find an easy, efficient, and effective way to learn. So we studied and analyzed each grade and age level and decided to find the most optimum methods to learn while saving plenty of time for the playground. We are working hard and will keep at it always to make the content and it's presentation better than it was yesterday.


About Us

To serve you with

  • A comprehensive and organized curriculum in math and language for K-5 grades.
  • A platform for students to learn like humans, not robots. Humans are the smartest.
  • A challenging set of problems that stimulate the intellectual capabilities of students.
  • A way to turn each student into a gifted academic.
  • A mechanism to organize your tasks and track your success.
  • A self-testing platform for all media types. (Currently in works)
  • Tools that help you become the best.